joyful voices...

joyful voices, that means about 35-40 singers and their band, born between 1954 and 1994. They appear on stage as Joyful Voices since 1993.

Their name was chosen in accordance to a text of a gospel song they once had in their repertoire. Mainly all singers are former or active students of the school "Gymnasium in den Filder Benden" in Moers. Some members however haven't been pupils of that school but are nevertheless affected by singing together.

The choir and the band are managed by Ernst Ickler, former music and english teacher at the aforementioned school.

what we sing...

We rely on a broad variety of spirituals, gospels and rock and pop acts which are adapted for choir and band.

We direct our concerts on our own. We try to set courses in religious masses and cultural events and are proud to be known not only in Moers.

We have already produced and published more than 10 CDs as well as live recordings of concerts.

our history ...

Our history already started in 1985 when a group of senior students took part in a choir camp organised in Berlin. This event was the reason to form a unique senior student choir apart from the already existing school choir. Today, many students are still close to the choir although they have left school.

Due to relative slight member changes, continous work was possible within the choir. Due to that joyful voices's repertoire increased steadily.

A new project was born and in 1993 the group decided to create a new, own name - joyful voices - without a direct connection to the school.

concert trips

  • Ramla 1993 (Israel/Twin town of Moers)
    Concert trip as "musical ambassadors" of Moers
  • Berlin 1995 / 1996 / 1998 / 1999 / 2001 / 2003 / 2005 / 2010 / 2013 / 2019
    Concerts in a parish in Berlin-Wilmersdorf and at the first church congress 2003 and - since 2010 - in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. In 2019 as a family trip with partner and children
  • Caen (France) 1995
    Visit of twin school - concerts in different churches
  • USA 1997
    Concert trip at the invitation of the United Church of Christ in Wisconsin;
    Concert at Harlem School of Arts in New York
  • Bielefeld: 2000 / 2002 / 2004
    Tribute concert of Lion's Club Bielefeld-Sennestadt
  • Sweden 2002
    Two-week concert trip / Concerts in Bengtsfors, Enköping and in the German Church in Stockholm
  • Scandinavia 2005
    another two-week concert trip to Denmark & Sweden
    Concerts in Copenhagen, Goteborg, Nås, Litslena and in the German Church in Stockholm
  • South Germany / Prague 2008
    10-days concert trip to South Germany and Prague
    Concerts in Büchenbeuren, Nürnberg, Prague, Straubing, Moorenweis

special events

  • Duisburg 1993 / 1995 / 2006
    Contribution to the Christmas party of the sheltered workshop of Caritas Niederrhein
  • Kevelaer 1997
    Pregroup of The Jackson Singers
  • Duisburg-Rheinhausen 1998
    Contribution to programme „Tach zusammen“ of Hanns Dieter Hüsch
  • Moers 1995 / 1997 / 1999 / 2001
    Park festival
  • Moers-Repelen, 1998-2008 anually
    Participation in the "Dorffest" (Village Party) with Worship/Concert
  • Balve 1999 / 2001 / 2003
    Concerts at the Cave of Balve (biggest event-cave in europe)
  • Moers 2003
    Joint concert with Reflex Choir from Norway, celebrating Joyful Voices' 10th anniversary
  • Duisburg-Nord / Country-Park 2005
    Concert in the fascinating scenery of a former Cast House
  • Moers 2008
    again a concert with Reflex Choir from Norway, this time celebrating Joyful Voices' 15th anniversary
  • Büchenbeuren 2008 / 2010 / 2012
    Concerts in the parish of a former Moers pastor
  • Moers 2013
    3rd concert with Reflex Choir from Norway, celebrating Joyful Voices' 20th anniversary
  • Tana Gospel Choir & "United Workshop Gospel Choir" 2016
    Concert with the Tana Gospel Choir from Madagaskar and four gospel choirs from the Lower Rhine Area in the festival hall of Moers
  • Duisburg-Nord / Country-Park 2017
    Participation in the "Extraschicht" with two appearances in front of an enthusiastic audience at the "Hochofenkarré"
  • Moers 2019
    Concert with the Tana Gospel Choir from Madagaskar
  • Moers 2020
    4th concert with Reflex Choir from Norway