Tour 2005

After having been "on tour in Sweden" for the first time three years ago, we will be set off for the second time in the night from Friday (5th of August) to Saturday. Going via Flensburg and Odense we will be heading for Kopenhagen as our first stop where we will be singing our first concert at 6.30 p.m.


On Sunday afternoon we will then be leaving for Göteburg, where we will be giving a concert in the German "Christinengemeinde" on Monday.

From Tuesday onwards we will be seeing a lot of Sweden's countryside aiming for Darlarna where we will be staying in the youth hostel in Snöabruk in which the Swiss national team stayed for their summercamp in 2001. On Wednesday and Thursday we will enjoy a well-deserved break before our path leads us in the direction of Bredsand and on to the Mälarenlake. But before that we will be giving our next concert in a church in Litslena (click here for more information).

On Saturday we will be travelling another 70 km before reaching Stockholm where we will be getting ourselves ready for the German church's service followed by a concert on Sunday morning.

On Monday we will already be on the way home again. After staying the night in Laholm we will hopefully be arriving safely back in Moers on Tuesday.