Eversmiling Liberty (2008)

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  1. Mourn
  2. Oh Father
  3. Grant A Leader Bold And Brave
  4. Judas Shall Set The Captive Free
  5. Call Forth Thy Powers
  6. Come, Eversmiling Liberty
  7. Lead On
  8. Disdainful Of Danger
  9. No Unhallow'd Desire
  10. Hear Us, Oh Lord
  11. Fallen Is The Foe
  12. Zion Now Her Head Shall Raise
  13. Sounds of war
  14. Ah, Wretched Israel
  15. My Arms
  16. Sound An Alarm
  17. With Pious Hearts
  18. Never Bow We Down
  19. We Worship God
  20. Father Of Heaven
  21. See the conquering hero comes
  22. Oh lovely peace
  23. Halleluja! Rejoice, oh Juda

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